This article represents the political thinking of Jalil A. Muntaqim, and not a joint statement from the San Francisco 8.

The question is often asked why the government is prosecuting 8 alleged former members of the Black Panther Party ranging from age 70 to 56 for the death of a police officer 36 years ago. In January 2006, the S.F. 8 were charged with an armed assault on a police station resulting in the death of a police officer. What is not readily known, is that in 1975 these charges had been brought against three former Panthers, of which one is again being accused. Those charges was dismissed because the prosecution failed to inform a grand jury that New Orleans police officers tortured the three with the explicit consent of S.F. police officers investigating the alleged police station attack.

Since 1975, there has been no new evidence or information including the absence of DNA, tainted latent fingerprint evidence, lost weapons and ballistic evidence, tortured and coerce confessions, lost FBI tape recordings, police cover-ups and perjured testimony. So, the question must be asked what is the judicial system trying to prove by disrupting the lives of 6 of the 8 who had been living peaceful family lives for over 25 years? It must be acknowledge that one of the eight have been completely dismissed from the case having only been charged with conspiracy, a charge that has been dismissed against 5 of the accused, so only seven are now being prosecuted.

Given the weakness of the prosecution's case, it must therefore, be held the purpose for the prosecution of these men is political. Thus, we are required to look at this judicial process as a part of political system in a governmental pogrom to repress dissent to racism and domestic police/military repression that is being codified into law.

These musings addresses the mass and popular movement on how it must be directed towards an overall political understanding of the various aspects of the judicial process, the police, court and prisons, and their functions in a corporate capitalist social structure. The demystification of the judicial system provides the mass and popular movement with an understanding of how the masses are controlled, and manipulated by the courts, congress, and legislative bodies of the corporate-government for the benefit of corporate monopoly-capitalist. As poverty begets crime and social change, it is imperative that the judicial process is reveal as an instrument to control the masses along lines of class divisions and national oppression.

With the revelation of racist police profiling and criminal justice system wrought with racism, it is appropriate to charge America with ethnic cleansing. Such a charge is especially ominous as Congress considers new laws that permit children as young as 10 to be tried and jailed as adults and States increase use of the death penalty and tighten restrictions on parole releases. This country imprisons more of its citizens, approximately 2.4 million people, than any other industrialized nation. Although European Americans comprise 69 percent of those arrested, institutional racism in the criminal justice system incarcerates Blacks in disproportionate numbers. It imprisons New Afrikan men three times more than European Americans and four times more than did apartheid South Africa . While New Afrikans comprise 53 percent of those in prison, they are only 12.5 percent of the entire population, these young Black men are held in prison for longer sentences during their most productive years, ultimately reducing any potential for reproduction. The genocidal implication is glaring.

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