Blog #9: New Year’s Resolution

Webster’s Dictionary says of RESOLUTION: “1: the act or process of reducing to a simpler form; as a: the act of analyzing a complex notion into a simpler one, b: the act of answering: SOLVING c: the act of determining…”. These are some of the definitions of “resolution,” and in understanding that many make New Year’s resolutions, I am wondering what will be your resolution?

It is my hope you will resolve to become more active in the overall struggle. That you will consider how best to prevent the building of the Keystone XL pipeline that will trample the lands of Native Americans without compensation. I hope that you will resolve to ensure that the reformist social-democratic protest campaign known as OWS, evolves into a national organization with a national platform and program. Such a platform and program that is politically comparable or surpassing the capacity of the right-wing to control the national debate and challenge the entire capitalist-imperialist system. To resolve to challenge the reactionary right-wing anti-immigration laws. Such laws that split immigrant families, deny immigrant children the right of education and health care.

Also, I sincerely hope progressive activists will resolve to challenge and demand the reversal and deny the enactment of the “2012 National Defense Authorization Act” that permits the military detention of U. S. citizens, the targeting of U.S. citizens for killing, the arrest of witnesses for recording police actions, the use of GPS to track U.S. citizens’ every move, and the use of surveillance drones to spy on U.S. citizens. In other words, the overt implementation of militarizing U.S. police forces and virtually criminalizing various forms of protest, demonstrations and rebellions. Although the ACLU is challenging the law that was written by Senator John McCain and Senator Carl Levin, and signed into law by President Obama, the problem is many people have no idea how this law undermines the constitutional right against illegal search and seizure.

It is obvious the U.S. government has grown to become ever more anti-people and pro-corporation, particularly since the U.S. Supreme Court has determined “corporations” are also “people.” When considering that the majority of Americans are aligned to the Democratic and Republican Party(s), both of which are procorporation, it would seem that progressive activists should organize a “We The People Party” in order to reclaim what is often sought – “the American Dream.”

Lastly, I sincerely hope the majority of you will resolve to join and support Jericho’s amnesty movement for U.S. political prisoners. There is no other national organization that functions specifically for the amnesty and release of U.S. political prisoners. Why would you not want to, in 2012, join the fight to win the release of U.S. political prisoners?

As for myself, my resolution will be simple, to lose 20 lbs. while sitting in this dreary cell.

In fierce struggle,
Jalil Abdul Muntaqim