Blog #35: Proposal for Open Discussion

As we witness the growing frustration of young people to police profiling and terror and economic injustice in urban cities across the country, it is extremely important for activists to recognize the potential for building a revolutionary determination. However, in order to do so, we need to recognize a revolution is not a series of events or insurrections. While young people vent their anger, and emotional outlet and expression of defiance to racist repression, it is not necessarily a progressive determination. It is incumbent on seasoned activists to be able to shape and mold these emotional responses into defined tactics and strategy with the capacity to forge long-term vision that seeks to create the capacity to build a new country.

More specifically, based on my last two blogs,“Future Focus” and "Towards a National Coaliton for a Changed America," the interest cultivated by some activists in building the Million Youth Independence Day March 2016 (MY-ID March), requires more definitive debate. In fact it is hoped soon activists will officially announce the national mobilization to organize and build MY-ID March 2016.

In some of my correspondence on this task, broadening the potential for a successful national determination, it has been suggested it would be a three day program. The first day will be a march and rally demanding the three principle issues raised in Future Focus blog: the second day, a plenary session and strategy meetings held at Howard University, the theme being "A Changed America 2020"—to further consolidate discussion for the National Coalition and the agreement on a national agenda; on the third day, Cultural Events and the reading of the agreed Statement of Points of Unity for building the National Coalition, etc.

My thinking is this objective would be a way for activists of the 60's and 70's era to pass the torch to the next generation leading into the 2020 election year, etc. If there is to be a "last hurrah" for the former generation of activists (some disagree with this notion) and revolutionaries, I believe it is appropriate for us to create a political environment conducive to a vision of the future that supports a revolutionary determination, having passed on lessons learned.

Therefore, I am requesting all folks out of the woodwork in a generational effort to support the Million Youth Independence Day March for 2016. Also, as part of the organizing process, activists will be demanding the issues we intend to rally around are made part of the national debate during the election year. Just as Climate Change and Same-Sex Marriage are expected to be contending issues during the election year, we want to make sure our concerns and issues are made part of the national debate. In this way, we empower the youth in demanding the government be responsive to this organizing agenda. Naturally, when the government/elite fails to be responsive and resists substantial institutional change, it gives credence for the need to build the National Coalition with the theme "A Changed America for 2020." I am confident the majority of long time and young activists will recognize the potential for this national mobilization to be a deciding historical course of action, subject to establishing a mass and popular movement.

Needless to say, it is time for us to pursue a more politically forceful national determination. Naturally, if we can get as many of the "old heads" to support this initiative, to at minimun enter dialogue with others across the country abut building a National Coalition for a Changed America, to evolve out of the Million Youth Independence Day March (MY-ID March) 2016, it would be a huge accomplishment with revolutionary significance. Therefore, as part of this organizing determation, it would be necessary to divide the country into organizing regions, with each region forming coalitions bulding toward the national mobilization. Each region will be responsible to discuss the issues and develop points of unity on the issues presented in Future Focus, to be formalized during the plenary sessions and strategy meetings on the second day of the Million Youth Independence Day March to form the national agenda of "A Changed America 2020."

Needless to say, our ultimate gol is to envision and manifest the Power of the People encompassing our collective humanity. To live in a world absent of class exploitation and racist divisions forging the mass and popular movement for a Changed America.

Respectfully submitted,
Jalil A. Muntaqim
Attica, April 2015