A Mother's Cry

By Billie Bottom-Brown

February 14, 2014

I am writing this Statement with the hope of enlightening the Media, Social Media, all Cyberspace users; and our United States Government attempting to make them aware of our forgotten Political Prisoners Languishing Away in prisons across America without any empathy for them and their families. The Local States and their Parole Boards are abusing the Constitutional Civil Rights Law by consistently using the outdated verbiage “Nature of the Crime” and “Impact of the Crime on Victim and Victim’s Family” to deny their freedom. Political Prisoners are Victims of our Government which also Impacts us as their Families.

A Mother's Cry

This is the voice of a mother crying for the freedom of her child, Anthony Leonard Bottom aka (Jalil Muntaqim 77A4283) who has been swallowed up in the New York Penal System for 37 years; (1977-2014). My child has been held captive in the Belly of New York State Prisons without any regard of his Constitutional Human Rights. Consequently, as a Political Prisoner, he has become a Forgotten, Disenfranchised Citizen of the United States of America. Anthony (Jalil) was 19 years of age when he was arrested in San Francisco California. The California Penal System sentenced Anthony (Jalil) to 5 Years for Aiding and Abetting; he served his time in San Quentin State Prison. Anthony (Jalil) was 25 years of age when he was extradited to New York where he has been since 1977; October 2013 Anthony had his 62nd birthday. Anthony (Jalil) is America’s Nelson Mandela; in fact, he has been incarcerated longer than Mr. Mandela, who was incarcerated 25 years. Our Government has negotiated release of Foreign Political Prisoners; but unfortunately, has not acknowledged or negotiated the release of its own Domestic Political Prisoners. Perhaps it’s because our Government is the perpetrator of these disenfranchised citizens. If we go back 46 years ago, our Government: (John Edgar Hoover) FBI; John Erlichman CIA; collaborated with President Richard Millhouse Nixon and initiated their Counter Intelligence Program (CoIntelPro) under the guise of protecting our “Homeland Security” against those accused of Communistic Ideals and the Black Panther Party (BPP) as Revolutionary Descendants, and planned a full fledged war against these citizens.

We can go back further than 1972, we can go back to 1968; when (John Edgar Hoover) FBI; and CIA/CoIntelPro infiltrated the “Civil Rights Movement” resulting in the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King; Jr.; John F. Kennedy; Robert (Bobby) Kennedy; and let’s not forget Malcolm Little (Malcolm X). Now we can go back to 1972, when (John Edgar Hoover) FBI; President Ronald Reagan, and the Regents of University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) collaborated against Professor Angela Davis, the Black Panther Party (BPP) and the Black Liberation Army (BLA); the CoIntelPro raised its Ugly Head again along with State Police Departments to stop all Civil Rights Activities. Then our Judicial Government developed their “Three Strike Law” resulting in our Black and Brown men being incarcerated for minor infractions for longer periods of time. They have become Resource Commodities for Rural America. They are the New Slaves without restitution. Prisons are the modern day “Investors Gold Mines” It’s so sad that the American Dream now, is to invest in building more Prisons rather than building better Educational Systems. What kind of monster has our society become? The “Stand Your Ground” law permits the killing of young Black Males, at the discretion of inferior White Men. I say inferior, because they seem to attack only Black Teens. Would they challenge a Black Adult Man in the same manner? I don’t think so. It’s time for the Black American Community to “Stand our Ground”; stop the slaughter of our youth, and incarceration of our men. The Martin and Davis cases take me back to April 1989, when the state of New York erroneously convicted 5 Black Teens (Central Park 5) of heinous crimes knowing they were not guilty. But, rather than admit their error; they chose to strip them of their youth. The State of New York is guilty of making the same error with my son (The New York 3). No one has attempted to discover the truth about 1972 Code (NewKill) initiated by Nixon’s Watergate and J. Edgar Hoover’s CoIntelPro.

That being said, I would like to bring your attention to the fallen Black Police Officer (Waverly Jones) whose family wrote a “Family Impact Statement” (2004) stating the men accused of the alleged killing of his father were victims of the system (CoIntelPro) during the 60’s and 70’s. His Impact Statement and Officer Waverly Jones’ life seemingly has been disregarded by the PBA with all their attention focused only on Officer Joseph Piagentini’s family. Is this because Officer Waverly Jones was Black and his life has no relevance? Therefore, leaving me to believe Officer Jones’ life; the Impact Statement, and the Appeal from his son has been disregarded by the New York State Parole Board and the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (PBA). The PBA needs to reevaluate their actions toward Political Prisoners, channeling their negative energy referring to them as “Cop Killers“ into a positive energy by investigating the source of CoIntelPro; and the struggle of Black Americans fighting for their equal rights in the United States of America’s Apartheid.

Attention: officers who are so willing and ready to slander these prisoners as “Cop Killers” and those who are not familiar with the history of the 60’s and 70’s. You all are so full of venom feeling it’s your empowered duty to slander these prisoners; shame on you. Your actions are proving not to be any better than the prisoners you are victimizing; with your Slanderous Attitudes, Stop and Search Procedures without provocation. I implore you to overcome your hatred; take time to research America’s long history of oppression and its Black Citizens fighting to eradicate this oppression. I don’t know if you are aware that your Civil Rights are also being violated on a daily basis; that you are not above reproach. You never know when you will be next victim of CoIntelPro. Stop! Think!

You are probably also on a Homeland Security Black List.

Hopefully, my statement will raise the consciousness of its readers to act by joining me and the families of all Political Prisoners across America to sign the petition Free Jalil Muntaqim (Anthony Bottom), and write letters to New York State Penal System, and New York’s Governor regarding its Parole Policy Laws.

Billie Bottom-Brown
Parent of Political Prisoner
Anthony (Jalil Muntaqim) Bottom 77A4283
Attica Correctional Facility