Transcript of Jalil's 2016 Parole Hearing


Dear Family, Friends and Supporters:

I firmly believe folk reading this transcript will have a complete understanding of how the Commissioners' questioning was biased, and simply sought to support a decision for denial. Unfortunately, the stenographer made typos in transcribing the hearing. For example, on page 9, line 6 it reads "exporting" and it should read "expropriating"; on page 10, line 6 it says "just" and it should read "Judge"; and on page 13, line 5, it says "120 pounds" and it should read "20 pounds".

In hindsight reading this, I found a couple of opportunities to expand on my answers to give in depth understanding. For instance, on page 9 when the Commissioner alleged the bank robbery was not a political act, I should have further informed them of the FBI COINTELPRO operation to arrest Panthers on trumped-up charges to exhaust our funding, hindering the Party's capacity to attend to our social programs, like the breakfast program, free health clinics, etc. Starting on page 17, Commissioner Coppola questioned whether there were any supporters who did not know me personally. I should have answered that there is a distinction between those who support the PBA and my supporters; my supporters believe in rehabilitation and redemption, while the PBA's believe in vengeance and revenge. A couple of missed opportunities!!!

Sincerely yours, in struggle,
Jalil Muntaqim


Click here to read the hearing transcript.